Item collection a33f7c9e f0f1 42f3 86b9 4e5e398b3825

Essential Oil Blends - Refill 1/4 Dram


Item collection 224f3013 ba94 46ee b828 8ae0997f6994

Owl Aromatherapy Locket / Necklace ~ with Custom Blended Essential Oils


Item collection 781272 original

Purple Swirl Bracelet ~ Black Czech Glass, Fresh Water Pearls, Glass Beads, Silver Clasp, Purple Swirl Beads


Item collection 726212 original

Onyx & Pearls


Item collection 725677 original

Canyon Beauty


Item collection 3387899 original

Bottle of "Pixie Dust" and Gems Pendant


Item collection 1547627 original

Peppermint Swirl Pop Dangles


Item collection 1656601 original

Animal Instinct 4PC Jewelry Set Zebra Black and White Clay, Metal, Agate, Silver


Item collection 781684 original

Turquoise Coins, Swarovski Crystals, & Sterling Silver Bracelet


Item collection 814086 original

Turquoise & Silver Too ~ Turquoise Rounds, Faceted Czech Glass Rounds, Bali Silver and Swarovski Crystal accents, Silver Toggle Clasp


Item collection 595677 original

Oh Those Baby Blues ~ Earrings with Blue Crystals and Bali Silver


Item collection 450011 original

Dance of The Caribbean Dream Fresh Water Pearl 3-strand Necklace with a shell Focal Point


Item collection 814068 original

Finger Candy ~ Sterling Silver Ring with multiple charms of assorted fresh water pearls


Item collection 3715347 original

Just Beachy Treasure Necklace with a genuine sharks tooth, shells, an FW pearl, and sand!


Item collection 3359923 original

Treasure Bottle with sea shells, beads, gems and sand from a NC beach


Item collection 781625 original

Polka Dot Fun Sterling Silver Rolo Chain with glass bead charms


Item collection 781661 original

Earthy Beauty Bracelet of Zoisite Gemstone & Sterling Silver


Item collection 758391 original

Royal Beauty ~ 3 Strands of Fresh Water Pearls & Crystals in Purples & Greens


Item collection 758369 original

Sea Shell Dreams ~ Fresh Water Stick Pearls, Pink Coral, Glass Beads, Sea Shell Slice Focal Point


Item collection 449765 original

Butterfly Kiss ~ Red Butterfly Focal Point , Sterling Silver, Bali Silver, Brown Seed Beads, Red Coral Beads


Item collection 814080 original

New York Art Deco Earrings


Item collection 3369256 original

Floating Locket Pendant w/ Gems


Item collection 3387932 original

Bottle of Botanicals Pendant


Item collection 1547508 original

Angel Zipperpull / Charm / Pendant


Item collection 1547502 original

Kitty Cat Angel Zipperpull / Charm / Pendant


Item collection 803520 original

Classic Black and Silver Bracelet


Item collection 814098 original

Vintage Victorian Look Bracelet


Item collection 814082 original

True Love Rose Quartz Bracelet ~ Rose Quartz, Fresh Water Pearls, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals


Item collection 763097 original

Tektite and Stick Pearl Bracelet


Item collection 814065 original

Pearly Qs ~ Fresh Water Pearl Coins, Swarovski Crystals, Silver Chain, Toggle Clasp


Item collection 1547566 original

Angel Zipperpull / Charm / Pendant


Item collection 1547538 original

Angel Zipperpull / Charm / Pendant


Item collection 1547543 original

Angel Zipperpull / Charm / Pendant


Item collection 3355595 original

Copper, Glass, and Polka Dots Necklace


Item collection 595665 original

Carolina Days


Item collection 595786 original

Pink Dreams Earrings


Item collection 595813 original

Butterfly Elegance Earrings


Item collection 3359342 original

Treasure Bottles / Pendants / Magnets


Item collection 803778 original

Pink Pizazz


Item collection 758349 original

Painted Desert


Item collection 803767 original

Beauty in Blue 3 pc Set


Item collection 447190 original

Dreamy Crystals


Item collection 1823126 original

Candy Drops ~ Green


Item collection 1823154 original

Candy Drops ~ Yellow


Item collection 1823167 original

Vintage Look Ball & Chain


Item collection 1823172 original

Dragon Fly Dreams


Item collection 2031166 original

Coin Ring II


Item collection 2028671 original

Coin Ring


Item collection 2031169 original

Coin Ring III


Item collection 3387925 original

Genie Bottle of "Gems" Pendant


Item collection 3387918 original

Bottle of Blue "Gems" Pendant


Item collection 3387912 original

Bottle of Coconut Chai Tea Pendant


Item collection 3387905 original

Bottle of Sea Shells and Gems Pendant


Item collection 1556581 original

Blue Angel Earrings


Item collection 1556352 original

Pink & Purple Angel Earrings


Item collection 1556853 original

Blue Angel Earrings


Item collection 449847 original

Chunky & Square Necklace


Item collection 447261 original

Caribbean Hues Two Necklace


Item collection 447183 original

Ebony & Ivory Necklace


Item collection 595754 original

Red Agate


Silver, Gemstones, Swarovski, Bali, and more in these hand designed jewelry pieces. OOAK designs, made with lots of passion and love for the art of creating wearable art!

Welcome to Rebecca's Jewelry Boutique! You will find pieces that are Sterling Silver,Semi-precious & precious Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals...and you will find pieces that are just for fun made with silver plated or other metal components and glass beads!