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I usually create from looking at my stash of beads, and findings and go with whatever strikes me! Sometimes I can create piece after piece and my hands can't make them fast enough, then there are times I go through spells where nothing comes to mind! This is why most of my items are ONE OF A KIND (OOAK), and more than likely there will not be another one in the shop! However if you see something that has sold and you like it, IF I have the same materials on hand I will try to make you something very similar.

I LOVE to do custom work, and we can work on a piece together through email and pictures, to come up with a piece you will be excited and proud to own! Just send me a message and we can get started on your custom piece today!

Most of all I want you to be proud to wear a piece of Rebecca's Jewelry by RWestDesigns, and would love personal referrals from you.

Shipping details

Your purchase will be shipped as soon as possible after your payment has been made. I usually ship USPS Priority Mail, I do not include insurance unless you would like me to add it your order. I can email you tracking information if you provide your email in the message to seller and ASK for tracking info to be sent to you. Your item will be packaged as safely as we can and we don't anticipate any breakage.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I will accept returns IF you contact me first, and we can work out why you need to return it. You will have to pay return shipping, and if the piece has broken in transit, I will fix it and ship it back to you with no cost to you. Usually accompanied with a coupon for any inconvenience. Or a FREE GIFT !

IF YOU DO NOT ask for insurance to be purchased, and I can PROVE the item was shipped (with a receipt) then an item lost in transit will not be replaced by me. NO REFUNDS in this case.

I will gladly work with you on any issue you might have with a piece of my jewelry. If it breaks within the FIRST 60 days, I will fix at no cost to you after that, you will need to pay what it will cost to fix, and to replace any missing parts.

I will do my best to make sure you are happy (within reason) with your purchase.

Silver, Gemstones, Swarovski, Bali, and more in these hand designed jewelry pieces. OOAK designs, made with lots of passion and love for the art of creating wearable art!

Welcome to Rebecca's Jewelry Boutique! You will find pieces that are Sterling Silver,Semi-precious & precious Gemstones, Swarovski Crystals...and you will find pieces that are just for fun made with silver plated or other metal components and glass beads!