Bottle of Botanicals Pendant

$8.75 USD


Product Description

This little bottle of botanicals would be great on it's own or combine it with some of our other pendants, to make your own multi-pendant necklace!

It's filled with various botanicals like calendula petals, rose petals, & jasmine flowers, it would be great as is for your chain, OR we could add your favorite essential oil blend to it and it could become an aromatherapy pendant!

****You only get the ONE pendant in the first picture. The other pictures are to show how you can incorporate this pendant into your own necklace, or have us make you one like the one shown. The multiple bottles are shown to show you what else we offer****I

Choice of oil blends :
***Lavender ~ Calming ~ Stress relief
***Lavender Mint ~ Calming ~ refreshing ~ great for headaches
***Enchanted Garden ~ Our own blend of floral essential oils
***Citrus blend ~ Uplifting ~ energizing
}}}If you want it to have aromatherapy oils added YOU MUST PUT SCENT CHOICE IN MESSAGE TO SELLER{{{

***You may use your own chain or purchase one from us***

***You may add as many pendants to a chain as you like. ***

***Choking hazard, as the cork can come out of this bottle, NOT RECOMMENDED for children under 16***


Bottle of  Botanicals Pendant Bottle of  Botanicals Pendant Bottle of  Botanicals Pendant Bottle of  Botanicals Pendant Bottle of  Botanicals Pendant

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